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Supporting your child with reading at home

How to support your child with reading at home?

Helping to create a reading culture around school is important in supporting our children to develop a love of reading throughout their time at St Chad’s.

Please follow this link to find our further information regarding the teaching of reading at St Chad’s.


Top tips for supporting your child with reading

  1. Be a good model for your child.  Therefore, let them see you enjoy reading a variety of different types of text such as, newspapers, books, magazines etc.
  2. Keep reading sessions short and relaxed with your child.
  3.  Make sure to give lots of praise to your child, whilst they read.
  4. Ask a range of different questions about the text, whilst your child is reading, to ensure they have the understanding of what is happening within the text.
  5. Talk about the book after it has been finished and ask questions such as, what was your favourite part within the text?
  6. Take it in turns to read different parts of a story.
  7. Make sure that you take the opportunity to read to your child.  To develop a love of reading, it is important that children have the opportunity to listen to stories being read to them.


Websites to help the development of reading

Please find below websites that can be used to support your child in developing their reading fluency.  These websites have a range of different ebooks and activities that you and your child can use and enjoy.


What type of questions should I ask my child?

It is important to ask your child questions whilst they read to check for their understanding.  Please find below a range of different types of question stems that you could ask your child.