Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum – 2020/2021

At St Chad’s Patchway Primary School, we are driven to ensure that the curriculum we offer our children is absorbing, engaging and exciting. In recent months, developments have continued to happen to ensure that the school vision and the embedding of knowledge is the driving force behind our curriculum.   The curriculum has been carefully designed using a cross-curricular thematic approach. This approach enables children to make connections between subjects and build upon previously learnt knowledge.

Teaching and Learning at St Chad’s Patchway

Our teaching and learning booklet will provide further information about how our curriculum has been developed and the different approaches to teaching and learning used across the school.

Teaching and Learning Document

Curriculum Lead – Mr J Ridd

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers play a vital role in supporting children within the classroom across two specific areas. Firstly, following our language/oracy learning cog, specific subject-related vocabulary is clearly defined and this is progressed across the school. Secondly, by using knowledge organisers children are continually able to make links between the knowledge learnt across different units and therefore develop powerful schemas within their memory.

Current Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 – Exceptional Individuals – Unit 4

Year 2 – Exceptional Individuals – Unit 4

Year 3 – Romans, Saxons and Vikings – Unit 4

Year 4 – Romans, Saxons and Vikings – Unit 4

Year 5 – Evolution and the Galapagos Islands – Unit 4

Year 6 – Evolution and the Galapagos – Unit 4

Please find knowledge organisers for previous curriculum units within the different class pages. 

Progression in Spirituality

Our Rolling Programme

Our curriculum has been designed using a two year cross-curricular thematic approach.  In the following documents, you will find information about what our children are learning as they progress through their time at St Chad’s Patchway CofE Primary School.

Key Stage One 

Key Stage 1 – Rolling Programme A

Key Stage 1 – Rolling Programme B


Lower Key Stage Two

Lower Key Stage 2 – Rolling Programme A

Lower Key Stage 2 – Rolling Programme B


Upper Key Stage Two

Upper Key Stage 2 – Rolling Programme A

Upper Key Stage 2 – Rolling Programme B

Reading and phonics

In school, especially in KS1, we follow two main reading schemes; Oxford Reading Tree and Project X.  These books are supplemented with ‘free’ (non-scheme) books and as your child moves though school they will move more onto internally leveled free books.

The scheme most used in school is Letters and Sounds and we supplement this with LCP Phonics and occasionally with Phonics Play.  We suggest that parents who wish to support their child at home with phonics looks first at Phonics Play as this is a free online resource.

If you would like any more information on the curriculum please contact the office and they will have the appropriate member of staff contact you, or alternatively please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Parent Workshops English and Maths what we do at St Chad’s

Curriculum Evening EYFS and KS1 Nov 2017

Curriculum Evening KS2 Nov 2017 – the electronic version was too large for our website! However was available in paper form on the evening and is available on request from the school.


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