At St Chad’s, we aim to inspire curiosity and a love for learning about the past.  By developing knowledge and understanding of Britain’s history and the wider world, children gain a sense of their own and others’ identify.  We encourage children to be critical thinkers, through developing historical enquiry and interpretation.

We promote cross-curricular links by providing opportunities for writing, drama, art, and using high quality non-fiction texts in our learning. Furthermore, we believe it is important that children link history to themselves and their community. In Year 3 and 4, children complete a history walk around their local area and in the nearby town of Thornbury, while Year 1 and 2 visit the SS Great Britain in the heart of Bristol and the Bristol Aerospace Museum in Filton.







We further enhance our history curriculum by organising trips, such as, visits to Caerleon Roman Museum, Stonehenge and the Natural History museum in London.  In addition, we use artefacts and visitors to make history “come alive”. For example, in Year 1 and 2, children engage in a theatrical re-enactment of the Great Fire of London and during the topic on Toys, grandparents are invited into school to talk about their childhood experiences.






Through learning about Ancient Civilizations, such as Greece and the Romans, we aim to develop a strong sense of democracy and an awareness of the children’s place in a global society.

As we prepare children to become lifelong learners, in an increasingly technological advancing world, we believe history provides an understanding of origin and culture, as a foundation for growth.

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