“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso

 At St Chad’s, we aim to promote a love of all areas of learning that extends beyond a child’s time within our school so children are ‘loving to learn for life’.

We believe that valuing the ‘process’ or art and creativity and not just the final product is an important way to promote engaged and confident artists. Encouraging all children to have the practical skills to engage in art and value their own contributions is fundamental to our teaching. Our pupil conferencing ensures children’s contributions are valued and directly influence our planning.

Linked to our values of ‘loving to learn and be the best we can be,’ we want children to use Art as a medium for self-expression and a tool towards positive mental well-being. As part of exploring self-expression, we allow children to lead their own artistic enquiries where they use critical thinking and ask ‘big questions’.

We want children to have the knowledge of how art has shaped our world and contributes to our culture alongside the skills to engage practically in art and creativity themselves. Children thrive when they are inspired by real people and events.

Linked to our vision of ‘learning to love God’ and our themes of spirituality, we want children to use art to better understand themselves, others and the beauty of the world. As a school, we endeavour to promote a sense of awe and wonder through Art by using our natural environment as a source of inspiration.

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