Religious Education

Religious Education has a key role in us fulfilling our vision of ‘learning to love and loving to learn’ as it promotes tolerance, understanding and respectful debate in an inspiring and engaging environment. The weekly lessons for all children from Reception to Year 6 provide a chance to understand the practises and beliefs of a range of key world religions and faiths. While we are a Church of England school, RE is not an opportunity to convince children to convert to a particular religion but a chance to promote understanding and inclusion to allow all members of our school community, and beyond, to feel safe and valued.

To encourage discussion, each term is based around a Big Question and each session is based around a Key Question. These provide children with the opportunity to explore religious and non-religious practises and beliefs and to learn to question and ask why. At St Chad’s, RE sessions provide children with a safe environment to express their own views and opinions and where all ideas are considered equal.

Throughout KS1 and KS2, children learn about a range of world religions. Through our use of Understanding Christianity, children gain a broad knowledge of the bible and its teachings. They learn about the daily practises of Christians and the differences between different types of Christians. However, many of the units focus on a range of religions to compare the similarities and differences for example ‘What makes some places sacred?’ During their time in school, the children consider what it means to be a Muslim today, what matters most to Christians and Humanists, who is Jewish and what is means, what it means to be a Hindu today and many questions which take into account a range of religions.

Our RE sessions are taught in a meaningful and thought provoking way that encourages a culture of talk to promote the pupils verbal reasoning skills and allow them opportunities to express their views and values. We aim to include a broad range of activities such as, art, drama and writing as part of their learning.








An overview of the RE two-year rolling programme – Use the link to view the RE programme of study.

An overview of the progression of spirituality across the school.

As a school, we have focused on the spiritual, ethical and moral links that are demonstrated within the books children study in English lessons. Use the links below to view the book lists for the different year groups.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

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