At St Chad’s, computing enables our children to become equipped with skills to develop and understand the changing world and community. We develop the children’s computational thinking and creativity ensuring they can create and use programs and systems. We ensure children extend skills and insights into the developing world. They often express their love of learning to the fast paced technology movement. The children are immersed with computing technology around the school. Each child will have access to many differing technologies such as:

  • interactive whiteboards in every classroom;
  • laptops;
  • programming technology such as beebots and probots;
  • ipads;
  • cameras;

Using this varying technology, the children can transfer their computational thinking, programming and debugging skills to other subjects such as:

  • filming P.E performances to promote improvement;
  • using debugging skills to problem solve and reason in maths;
  • create e-books to link with our high quality novels discussed during writing and topic;
  • to research and broaden our knowledge across all subjects.

Children are taught the impact of the internet and can be used as a tool to extend our knowledge and love of learning throughout all subjects. We consistently model the importance of online safety and how being safe and kind online can ensure we create a nurturing, safe and constructive community. We ensure children understand the correct procedure to follow if they see or hear about something they deem unsafe online.

The computing curriculum is always evolving to meet with needs of the developing technological world and is driven by the passions of the children. We hope this fully equips the children to succeed in their future. We promote the links between the local STEM businesses such as GKN, Aerospace and Hitachi, which we hope to continue over the years.

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