Modern Foreign Languages


As a school with families from lots of different cultures, speaking many different languages, we feel it is important to celebrate the richness of diversity within our community. We are committed to giving children the opportunity to discover new cultures through the enjoyable experience of learning a foreign language.

We believe that the study of a foreign language helps children develop a sense of cultural pluralism and an openness to, and appreciation of, other cultures. In a globalised world characterised by international links and intercultural connections, linguistic skills will be crucial for the children’s future employment and career, and we feel it is our purpose to begin their journey along this exciting path.

Children in KS2 learn French and, where possible, this is linked to their learning in other areas across the curriculum in order to help them see their learning in context. For example, children in Years 5 and 6 study a French story, “Mimi, La Fourmi de l’Espace,” about an ant exploring space, which links with science learning about our solar system.

We like to work closely with our local community and we annually organise a Languages Day where children, parents, staff and visitors share a continental breakfast. After this, trainee teachers from a local university lead workshops for children across the school, allowing them to experience languages not currently taught in school. Parents have also been invited to lead sessions, teaching children their own languages. House Teams also compete for points in a languages based quiz. The children love languages day, really appreciate exposure to different languages and cultures, and especially enjoy the croissants!







Annually, we also host teenagers from a secondary school in our German-twinned town of Gauting who work with children in our classrooms and experience what life is like in an English Primary School.

As we continue our progress in languages, we hope to forge new links with schools across the world, taking the opportunity to use technology to ease this process.

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