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Knowledge Organisers

Why do we use knowledge organisers at St Chad’s?

Knowledge organisers are used across our connected curriculum and play a hugely important role in supporting our children developing their understanding of the knowledge that has been taught within lessons.  As these knowledge organisers are used throughout lessons to support children in retrieving learnt knowledge, this helps the children strengthen schemas within their memory and transfer taught knowledge into the long term memory.


What is the aim of the knowledge organisers?

The way knowledge organisers are written at St Chad’s aims to support the children in a variety of different ways:

  • Develop children’s understanding of key subject-specific vocabulary that will be taught and developed throughout the unit.
  • Support children in making links to previous units and taught knowledge.
  • Specify to teachers the specific knowledge that will be taught throughout the unit of learning to support with planning.
  • Specify to the children the knowledge that will be taught throughout the unit of learning.
  • Support the children in retrieving knowledge throughout daily and weekly short burst retrieval tasks.


What knowledge organisers are used at St Chad’s?

Have a look below at a range of different knowledge organisers that are used across the school to support children’s learning across the connected curriculum units that are taught.


Key Stage 1
Lower Key Stage 2
Upper Key Stage 2