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Our Connected Curriculum

‘Learning to love, loving to learn’ at St Chad’s

As our vision statement suggests, St Chad’s are fully committed to encouraging a love of learning and of the world around us, driven by our desire to provide the very best for every child. Our vision underpins all that we do at St Chad’s; we want every child to feel part of this and be a part of making this happen in school and in their day-to-day lives. We place a big emphasis on valuing achievement and providing an inclusive curriculum, where every child can succeed. At St Chad’s, we believe in providing children with a diverse, meaningful and engaging curriculum that allows creative opportunities to prepare for lifelong learning and future success. As a school, we want children to be curious and resilient learners who continually develop their understanding of the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world around them. Our curriculum encourages children to aspire to the highest standards, whilst ensuring a wide range of enriching experiences, all of which are underpinned by our vision and values.

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Our curriculum has been developed around 5C’s:

A carefully sequenced progression of knowledge which captures children’s curiosity and creativity within an array of collaborative learning opportunities, which builds and promotes a development of children’s communication skills with the local community at the heart.

These 5C’s are at the heart of the knowledge rich curriculum that the children of St Chad’s are provided with and they are taught through a ‘topic’ approach that encourages children to think critically about issues and consider the impact their actions can have. We believe greatly in bringing the curriculum to life; as a result, children actively participate in a range of exciting visits and trips and we welcome visitors from the local community into school to further raise the profile and provide a real purpose to the learning.

As a Church of England School, we provide Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural opportunities, which are woven throughout all aspects of our curriculum teaching.

If you would like to find out more about the St Chad’s Connected Curriculum, please contact the school.  Contact details can be found using this link. 

Curriculum Lead : Miss K Legg