Key Stage 1

Welcome to the Key Stage 1 page

Welcome to the Key Stage 1 homepage.  The children have had a brilliant start to the new academic year and have been really enjoying their learning.  This page will give you updates as to what the children have been completing in class and on any work that can be completed at home.


As writers, the children in Year 1 have been concentrating on the story ‘The Colour Monster’.  The children have completed a range of different writing activities surrounding the story including thinking about how feelings can be represented using different colours.  They also did brilliantly in writing descriptive sentences about a monster of their choice.

In Year 2, the children have been enjoying the story ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers.  The children have been focusing on continuing to develop their accuracy with using full stops and capital letters.  They have also produced a brilliant cross-curricular piece of writing based on comparing Bristol with Uganda.



As mathematicians, the children in Key Stage 1 have been further developing their knowledge of place value.  They have been completing brilliant work developing their understanding of number and counting.  In Year 1, the children have been counting up to 50 and thinking about how many tens and ones are in these numbers.  Within numbers up to 50, the children have also been concentrating on ordering and comparing these numbers accurately.

In Year 2, the children have been further progressing their understanding of partitioning and how numbers can be partitioned in different ways.  They have also been doing this actively through using money and produced some fantastic learning.


In Key Stage One, the children have been concentrating on the unit titled ‘Bristol’.  As geographers in Year 1, the children have been identifying human and physical features around the school.  They have also been using atlases to deepen their knowledge of the United Kingdom and the countries that make it up.  As historians, the children have been looking at landmarks in Bristol from over 100 years ago and have compared them to photos of the present.

In Year 2, the children have been researching the similarities and differences in the human and physical features between living in Bristol and a rural area in Uganda.  The children have also had opportunities to get outside and explore the use of compass directions.







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