Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to the Year 5/6 page.  The children have had a fantastic start to life back in school since the start of September and have been really enjoying their new unit ‘Bristol’.  On this page, you will find out information all about the learning that the children have been completing as well as any other relevant information or dates that you will need.



As writers, the children in Year 6 have been enjoying the novel ‘London Eye Mystery’ by Siobhan Dowd.  Using information from the story and facts found through research, the children have produced fantastic tourist leaflets about the London Eye.  The children have been continuing to develop their understanding of sentence types and using subordinating conjunctions within their writing.

The children in Year 5 have been having a fantastic time completing English outcomes surrounding the novel ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ by Morris Gleitzman.  Within the lessons, the children have been continuing to develop their understanding of complex sentences and relative clauses within texts such as persuasive letters and diary entries to name a few.


As mathematicians, children in Year 6 have been concentrating on developing and consolidating their understanding of place value, specifically with numbers up to 10 million.  They have been busy varying their fluency and reasoning when partitioning, comparing and ordering numbers up to 10 million and with decimals included as well.

Children in Year 5 have also been busy developing their continued understanding of place value.  The children have been concentrating on numbers up to 1 million.  Within these numbers, the children have been ordering, comparing numbers and rounding numbers even with decimals as well.



The children have been really enjoying developing their understanding of Bristol and specifically the slave trade.  As historians, within their learning journey, the children have been showing great knowledge and understanding of how slaves were treated during the Middle Passage and when they were working on plantations.  They have been using a tremendous amount of research to embed knowledge and understanding by using different sources and have been considering the reliability of these.  The children have been working on understanding the role of ports in the slave trade. Within this, the children have discovered how Bristol harbour has changed.  Recently, the focus have been more on famous Bristolians who were involved in the slave trade and why the legacy of the slave trade is complex.

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