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This Week at St Chad’s

Learning taking place up to Friday 10th March 2023

Have a look below at the learning that has been taking place across St Chad’s throughout the past week. 

This week in EYFS

As scientists, the children have been investigating and sorting animals into their different habitats.

As mathematicians, the children have been subtracting a one digit number.

As writers, the children have been working hard on writing simple sentences and captions.

This week in Year 1

As part of our curriculum learning, Year 1 went on a school trip to Caldicot Castle in the snow!

As writers, the children wrote a brilliant recount of the trip using perfect punctuation and time words.

As athletes, the children have been learning to dance with an object.  They have been using streamers to perform a firework display dance.

This week in Year 2

The children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Caldicott Castle this week where they participated in a range of different workshops.  They really enjoyed seeing the different types of weapons that would have been used to attack and defend the castle.

As scientists, the children have been developing their knowledge of what makes a balanced diet by recording the different foods they have consumed over a couple of days.   

As computer scientists, the children began to develop their knowledge of what an algorithm is by providing sequences of instructions to their partner. 



This week in Year 3

As artists, the children enjoyed creating fantastic pieces of artwork for the spirited arts competition

As writers, the children wrote some fantastic letters to Mrs Jenkins to persuade her not to cancel breaktimes and shorten lunch.


This week in Year 4

As mathematicians, the children have been busy developing their understanding of using the short division method. 

As writers, the children have been carrying out research about Stonehenge and using this to help support writing a non-fiction text.

As historians, the children have been learning about stone age homes and Skara Brae.


This week in Year 5

This week, the children enjoyed a fantastic workshop from Encounter Christianity who came to share the Easter story.

The children made some beautiful crosses and carefully considered their use of colour to give different moods. They listened beautifully throughout the workshop and we were really impressed with their wonderful ideas.

This week in Year 6

Encounter Christianity conducted a fantastic Easter workshop where the children produced some wonderful artwork based on the cross.

As historians, the children  started a new unit based on Crime and Punishment.

As scientists, the children developed their knowledge and understanding of Newton’s law.