We have recently had an OFSTED inpsection and I am pleased to announce that we have received a valuation of “Good with elements of outstanding”.  Here are a few of the quotes from our report:


“Staff provide exemplary care for pupils throughout the school and diligently sustain equality of opportunity and prevent discrimination.”


 “Pupils relish the extremely high levels of challenge presented to them and make exceptional progress.”


 “Across the school, pupils are working at levels in reading, writing and mathematics that are higher than those expected for their age.”


“Thoughtful consideration of others’ experiences and views encourages pupils to show respect for different cultures and traditions.”


St Chad’s has received a SIAMs (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) grading of ‘Outstanding’


“The inspirational and focused vision and leadership of the headteacher results in a unity of purpose shared by all school leaders leading to rapid improvement in all areas of the school as a church school.”

“The shared understanding by the whole staff and governors of how a church school can be both distinctive and effective with a focus on the needs of each child [is outstanding].”

“The high profile of spirituality and spiritual development in the everyday life of the school, and in the development of the curriculum, creates a living and dynamic Christian learning community.”

“Children automatically consider the needs of others before themselves and attribute this to the behaviour and attitudes of their teachers whom they see as role models.”



“The staff of the school provide a stimulating range of activities and a high level of care and support that strongly promote the pupils’ spiritual moral, social and cultural development.”


“The work of the school in keeping pupils safe and secure is outstanding. As a result, pupils feel very safe.”


“Provision in the early years is outstanding. Consequently, children in the Reception class get off to an excellent start and are extremely well prepared for Year 1.”


 “Pupils’ behaviour is excellent around the school. Their enthusiastic attitudes to learning significantly enhance their rapidly improving and now good progress.”


“Staff and pupils share a strong sense of community that is strongly reflected in their very positive relationships and pupils’ great enjoyment of school.”


 “The headteacher sets a passionate ambition for improvement and is well supported by senior leaders and committed governors. Middle leaders also provide good support in checking standards and improving provision. Together, all leaders share high aspirations to raise the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievements and have restored a culture in which good teaching and exemplary behaviour flourish strongly.”


“Children also have lots of fun and quickly develop their understanding of how to cooperate sensibly to help each other learn.”


“Leaders and managers ensure that funds to support disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs provide the additional adult help needed to sustain good progress.”


“Pupils read and enjoy books every day.”


“The vast majority of parents who responded to the questionnaire feel that their children are very happy at school.”


 “The school uses the additional sport funding very effectively to increase pupils’ enthusiasm and participation in sport and to train staff and extend their skills. As a result, the school has noted that all pupils, a six-fold increase compared to the previous year, are now involved in sports competitions.”


“Governors have significantly improved their procedures since the previous inspection and have strongly supported the headteacher in driving the school forward.”


“Pupils’ attitudes to learning are highly positive and have a significant impact in quickening their progress.”


“Pupils take their responsibilities very seriously, for example, discussing how to improve the school as members of the school council.”


“Pupils are highly considerate of each other at break times, and older and younger pupils alike willingly go out of their way to check that other pupils have someone to play with.”


 “The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding.”


“Pupils know what they are meant to be learning and what is expected of them, because they have clear learning information presented and explained to them.”


“Teachers work closely with teaching assistants to make sure that activities are carefully explained to the pupils and challenge them at the right level to enhance their learning. As a result, pupils across the range of ability learn well.”


“Pupils realise that their work is valued and show increasingly positive attitudes and behaviour in lessons. These significantly advance their learning and progress.”


 “The leadership of the early years’ provision is outstanding. This is because leaders ensure that staff use resources creatively to provide activities which capture the children’s interest and promote their excellent learning.”


“Facilities, both in and out of doors, are well maintained and safeguarding arrangements are implemented highly effectively to keep pupils very safe.”


“Nothing is too small to be noticed at St Chad’s and, as described by a Year Five child, ‘all of the small things are glued together to become big things and these make a difference to the world’.”

“There are good opportunities to pray through the creative and inviting prayer spaces at various shared points around the school building as well as in classes. Children are enthusiastic about the reflection areas and books in each class. They know that they are able to use them to take time out whenever they need a quiet moment to think, pray or reflect and that this can help them in their learning as well as in times of personal struggle.”

“The involvement from the vicar in developing the worship life of the school is valuable and is much appreciated by all. His creative approach to prayer and worship, and his skill and expertise in the leadership of this with children, makes him an intrinsic member of the school community.”


“The impact of the inspirational leadership and clarity of vision of the headteacher of this outstanding church school cannot be overestimated. His determined commitment to the school as a safe haven in which each child is enabled to develop their own God-given gifts is the driving force behind all decisions taken and initiatives implemented.”

“Children understand and benefit from the outworking of this vision describing how they know that they can ‘grow up to be extraordinary’ even though they sometimes feel very small in the world.”

“Links between the school and the wider community are seen as important. The school works very hard to ensure that partnerships with parents are beneficial. As a result, there is an impressive level of understanding amongst parents of what the school stands for.”

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