Ofsted – 2015


I am delighted to tell you that Ofsted inspection judged St Chad’s School as a good school with elements of outstanding, and described us as a rapidly improving school which cares for our pupils exceptionally well. They recognised the exemplary academic, social and emotional education we provide our pupils within a very positive ethos which permeates all aspects of the school. They recognised the pupils’ general behaviour continues to be superb. They noted the rapid developments in behaviour for learning which has created an outstanding attitude toward learning and skills to access learning in all pupils.

A copy of our Ofsted Report can be downloaded Here.

Separately the overarching role of the SIAMS inspection is to identify the effect that the Christian ethos of the church school has on the children and young people who attend it. The SIAMs inspection graded us as outstanding with an extraordinary focus and high profile of spiritual development and a dynamic living ethos.

A copy of our SIAM Report can be downloaded Here.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, pupils and governors (and parents) who have worked tirelessly over the last 2 years to make the necessary improvements in support of the school. These improvements were considered to be substantial and now embedded in school life.

I would also like to thank you as parents, who have supported the school in all we have been aiming to achieve. The inspectors noted; “The vast majority of parents who responded in the questionnaire feel that their children are very happy at school. This is reflected in the pupils’ above average attendance, which also shows the school’s supportive partnership with parents.” We always say how school is a partnership and these reports have certainly shown that.

Both sets of inspectors found that parents and carers were extremely positive about the school, as were the pupils, who expressed how much they enjoyed coming to school and how safe and nurtured they felt when they are here.

The extent to which the school keeps your children safe was judged to be outstanding by Ofsted (not individually looked at by SIAMs). The team also reported that behaviour was outstanding with the bar having been raised in every aspect of inspection including how behaviour is judged. Behaviour is not just how ‘nice’ a child is (e.g. well-mannered, thoughtful of others etc), but also how well pupils understand their personal impact on those around them, how they approach their own learning and the skills they have to be lifelong learners. Ofsted noted how this had significantly developed over time and the skills school teaches children creates a climate for this to blossom. SIAMs noted that “Nothing is too small to be noticed at St Chad’s.”

The inspectors state that we provide exemplary care, guidance and support for pupils which contributes significantly to the improvements in achievement, attendance, punctuality, the extent to which the pupils feel safe and their enjoyment of school. The way we cater for all needs in all areas was identified as being exceptional and contributed to the marked improvements across all areas with the result of: “a substantial number of pupils in all classes now show levels of skill that are higher than those normally expected for their age.” (Ofsted)

Teaching and attainment was praised highly. SIAMs noted that we are a “values driven community, the school is a place of nurture where the needs of each child are known, considered and addressed,” with “The recent and sustained improvement in academic standards at the school, for example, had at its heart a commitment to continue to focus upon the wide range of needs amongst the children.” While Ofsted stated the staff “have shared a sustained determination to improve the quality of pupils’ learning”, and “as a result, pupils across the range of ability learn well.”

The leadership of the school was praised highly, although it is not in my nature to highlight anything to do with me personally – I would like to note that words such as inspirational (SIAMs), dedication and passionate ambition (Ofsted) are appropriate words to use when describing the drive of the leaders of all subjects in school, leaders of all Key Stages and of all areas which often go on behind the scenes, as well as the impact and ambition that the governors hold for the school. The reports both clearly show the school has made great progress in all areas and has the staff talent to continue this.

For St Chad’s it is not about an Ofsted or SIAMs label, it is about providing the very best all round education that we can. We strive to enable all children to find their talents, build on their strengths, recognise where they may find something tricky and help them have the skills to move forward from this. We strive to create caring, thoughtful and passionate pupils who are proud of themselves and the communities they live in, and we are pleased that Ofsted and SIAMs recognised this in their reports, highly praising the school and the pupils for this.

It was hard to write this letter without sounding like we are showing off! However, St Chad’s school community has a lot to be proud of; the staff, parents / carers and most importantly the pupils have all worked hard to create something very special here in school. Your continued support for St Chad’s CE VC Primary School is greatly valued and appreciated and we look forwards to continuing to support your children in going from strength to strength.

Yours sincerely, Darren Brown on behalf of the whole team at St Chads.

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