Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2

A huge welcome to the Year 3 and 4 homepage.  The children have had a wonderful start to the school year and have returned to school life wonderfully well.  This page will give you updates as to what learning has been taking place as well as key dates and updates that you might need.


As writers, the children in LKS2 have enjoyed starting to read Adolphus Tips as both of the class’ novel.  They have been starting to improve their understanding of how to use adverbs within their writing in Year 3 and in Year 4 the focus has been on simple, compound and complex sentences.

The Year 3’s focused on using prepositions accurately to describe what they could see in the picture below.  They produced some brilliant description using noun phrases and showed a great understanding of how to use different prepositions.  Last week’s cross-curricular write for the Year 4 children was focused on creating an information leaflet ‘All about teeth’. Within the session, the children continued to demonstrate their continued understanding of how to use  compound and complex sentences within their writing.









The spelling rules that the children have been concentrating on so far this week has been how to add the prefix im- to root words.  If you could complete further practice of some of the following words, that would be great.







As mathematicians, the children in Year 3/4 have been embedding and deepening their knowledge of place value.  Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been producing some great fluency and reasoning outcomes concentrating on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 in Year 4 and in Year 3 the children have been focusing on identifying 10 and 100 more or less than a number.  It is great to see the children taking such care and pride in their presentation and trying hard with their reasoning.  The children have been re-capping and deepening their understanding of money and measures at the same time.


Children in Lower Key Stage 2 are focusing on the ‘Our Own Bodies’ unit of work. The main focus is on children being scientists and the Year 3 and 4 children have slightly different objectives with the Year 4 children continuing to deepen and strengthen their knowledge from Year 3.

In Year 3, the children have been understanding about the role that the skeleton plays within our body.  They did some brilliant research using books, ipads and laptops to find out new information at the start of the unit.  They worked in teams to present their information to the class.







The Year 3 children had a fantastic time working in teams and creating skeletons using resources from the outside environment.


As well as identifying the role that muscles and joints play within the human body, the children have been showing a great understanding of vocabulary such as, endoskeleton, exoskeleton, hydrostatic skeleton, vertebrate and invertebrate.

The children really enjoyed their time creating pasta skeletons to help embed some of the names of particular bones within the human skeleton.









In Year 4, the children have been busy group work presentations, exploring models of the digestive system, human teeth and animal teeth, identified fucntions of teeth, made a model of a set of teeth, sketches of animal skulls.


The Year 4 children have carried out an experiment to learn about the digestive system using tights (small intestine), plastic bag (stomach), orange juice (stomach acid), water (saliva), and a cup (large intestine). They wrote up the experiment and completed a pop up model of a digestive system to explain how it works. In writing, we created an information leaflet ‘All about teeth’. It was a cross curricular write and we focussed on using compound and complex sentences. In maths, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.








As artists, the children have been busy developing their learning around using charcoal.  They have been concentrating on the work of the artist Henry Moore.  They have been developing their skills of using different tones and an awareness of space.  The children worked really hard at producing charcoal drawings of the cat from Adolphus Tips.


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